B.A Paris in the chair.



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I’m a massive Twitter fan and I love the book community on it. I love the interaction between readers, bloggers, authors, and publishing folk. I know firsthand that you’re more likely to get a Twitter reply from an author than a pop/rockstar. Harry Styles never replies to me……. I love discovering new books on Twitter. I’m a huge debut fan and if a book frequently flits through my timeline then chances are I’m going to want to read it.

I’m a fan of the psychological thrillers that have appeared in the last few years. The Girl On The Train, I Let You Go, The Kind Worth Killing, and The Woman Who Ran are some of my favourites. So when a book pops up in my timeline that is a debut psychological thriller my eyes widen.

Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris is so so good. It is definitely joining that list of favourites I’ve mentioned. I was gripped from the start. If you like reading whilst holding your breath then this book is for you. Is it the perfect marriage or the perfect lie?  Jack and Grace appear to have the perfect life and relationship but do they? Things aren’t always as they seem from the outside and the more you read the more you will gasp. Behind Closed Doors is dark and riveting and has one of THE best last chapters…….

I was delighted when B.A Paris said she’d love to come for a hairdo when she was in London. Her passion for writing and determination to be published is inspiring. I for one am very happy that book 2 ‘Every Little Thing’ will be published in November especially after hearing a sneaky synopsis which goes into my ‘secrets hairdressers keep’ oath.

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Now for the questions…..


Behind Closed doors by B.A Paris is published by MIRA UK.

B.A Paris in the chair.