Sun, surgery, and, summer reads.


I’ve a huge pile of books nestled on my sitting room floor waiting for me. My TBR pile, like most other readers, could probably do some damage if they were piled up vertically and knocked over. I’ve worked out that it would probably take at least 20 months to get through my TBR if I read two a week but sometimes I only read one…..and by the way my maths is crap so this isn’t ‘exact’. This is also with my current TBR, so that could change by tomorrow.
I’m honoured and chuffed that publicists send me books and always get excited when I see Eileen from reception walking towards my work section in the salon with an armful of packages. It’s like Christmas morning for me, and I take great delight in opening them. And just like Christmas when I say thank you to the people that gave me gifts I always thank the publicists that send me wonderful book gifts.

I’m sending advance thank yous for the books that may be sent to me over the next few months. There will be a slight delay in Twitter thank yous as I shall be away from the salon. I’d love to be able to say that I’m off on an exotic travelling adventure, though equally, I am very excited, as am having hip replacement surgery carried out by the amazing Orthopaedic team at UCHL hospital on Friday. I was diagnosed with Coxa Profunda, a hip deformity 3 years ago with added early onset arthritis and am now in chronic pain, I am bizarrely relaxed about the impending operation, though have decided against watching a video of one on YouTube….yes, I was considering it.

My clients have been offering ‘kill the boredom’ suggestions whilst I recuperate, including, jigsaws, watching all 3 million episodes of Game Of Thrones/Breaking Bad/Mad Men *insert whichever boxset here*, knitting!!! and watching ALL the Olympics………I intend to do none of these.

My dearest Auntie Jayne has arranged a rota of family staying with me as part of a ‘post surgery care package’ and as soon as they’ve departed because they’ve either, helped enough, done all their chores, Auntie is allegedly painting my garden fence, or driven me absolutely bonkers, I shall start on my TBR pile. Am so looking forward to reading some of those beauties that have been sent to me, plus getting to some of my own purchases.

I shall also try and catch up on some author blog posts. My blog, on Georgina Moore’s suggestion shall temporarily become ‘Notes From The Sofa’.

Please pray for sun so I can sit in my garden.

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Sun, surgery, and, summer reads.

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