Hugging and wandering amongst a sea of books…..


Today I went to the greenhouse that is Olympia in London to the London Book Fair. The last time I was in this building was for a hairdressing event. Having worked for a few ‘biggish’ hairdressing companies, I’ve stood on stage in this building either being a compere, or doing hair over the years. One of the last was for a Wedding Fair styling numerous, *cough cough* Bridezillas, whilst consuming enough hairspray to completely obliterate the ozone layer. When the lovely Becky Short came to the salon with one of her authors, she asked if I was going to LBF. Now being a book loving tweeter, occasional blogger, and hairdresser I didn’t feel that I necessarily had a right, or purpose to going but she thought I may find it interesting hence finding  myself on the Piccadilly Line this morning…….I thought if nothing else I would hug anyone I saw,  if you know me you’ll know I love to throw my arms around people when I say hello.


So I pottered into Olympia and lo and behold within 5 minutes spotted Anna James, by her wondrous mane of hair I might add, so she got the first hug. I then proceeded to wander rather aimlessly with a steaming cup of coffee, I felt like a lost puppy dog. Being true to my hairdressing roots (sorry) I recognised a few people because of their hair. I stopped Kate Morton on route to her Editor to gush that I loved her books and told her that she has stunning hair.

I was about to head off when I bumped into Jo Dawson of Quick Reads and The Reading Agency who told me there was a talk ‘Making Books Trend: From the News Headlines to Twittersphere, How Can Books Set the Agenda’ that I’d be interested in, so armed with another coffee and a pain au chocolat I went and found a seat.


The talk was chaired by Cathy Rentzenbrink, once again reaffirming my adoration and awe of her. The panel consisted of Charlotte Bush and Emma Finnigan talking about the Go Set A Watchman campaign. Nikesh Shukla discussing his novel Meatspace and the video of ‘that’ chop going into space. Alan Staton of Books Are My Bag described how this campaign had grown since it’s launch. And to finish, Dan Dalton of Buzzfeed took to the floor to say that books didn’t go viral but ‘stories, controversy, people, and stunts’ did. It was interesting, particularly as I spend a lot of time on Twitter looking at and sharing book love.

To round my day up……

People hugged:

Anna James, Clare Mackintosh, Sheila Reilly from Dulwich Books, Francesca Best,  Jo Dawson, Cathy Rentzenbrink, Sara Jade Virtue, Vicky Palmer, Rob Chilver, and Nikesh Shukla.

Those who got waves:

Charlotte Bush (only because I couldn’t lean across the chairs), Kate Morton, Dan Dalton, Jo Liddiard, Thomas Noble, Sophie Goodfellow.

And a thank you to Ursula Doyle for popping one of these fab Fleet tote bags aside for me, I now have a *boom boom * hare bag!

FullSizeRender (10)

Hugging and wandering amongst a sea of books…..

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