David Whitehouse is in the chair.

David Whitehouse is the wonderful author of Bed, and Mobile Library. Mobile Library was published in January 2015 and is now available with this lovely cover in paperback. It tells the story of Bobby and how one summer his love of books introduces him to a new ‘family’. It is funny, sentimental, and off beat. All the characters are so vibrant. It was one of my favourites of 2015.

I’d harassed David Whitehouse on numerous occasions to come and have his haircut with me and it finally paid off.
Firstly I have to say that he has an amazing head of hair, which further reiterates my thoughts that writing is good for the follicles.
Secondly he is very lovely to talk to.
We talked loads about stuff. We chatted about London and our love of it, yet how we didn’t feel that we had to be at its epicentre. At how ridiculous house prices are, both of us having a rant about how people on ‘normal’ wages just won’t get on that ladder, hence both of us moving out a little…bye bye zone 2, hello zone 5 and Kent.

We talked about writing and the process writers go through, whether they’re plotters or free flowing writers and also where they write. I personally find this fascinating so is a question I always ask.

David told me he rents an office space to write in, which holds a desk and a chair and no distractions.

Apparently he’s a good cook and can whip up some great menus, after spending the morning being distracted by Homes Under The Hammer and Twitter, hence needing the office space.

It was great to hear that book 3 will be ready for 2017, the synopsis sounds amazing and I for one will be eager to read it. Good to hear that it is ‘with’ the amazing Francesca Main, who has, and I quote David, ‘superpowers’ where books are concerned. Also to hear of some other secret projects…..that vow of oath I took regarding keeping secrets stands here……..

We talked about recent book reads and were in absolute agreement that Anatomy Of A Soldier by Harry Parker is bloody amazing. David is interviewing him for a ‘Shortlist’ event on 10th March. My tickets are booked and I will be sitting FROW for this.


Now for the questions…..

Where are you going on holiday?

Chichester. I’m not completely sure why.

How many books would you take for a week away? Favourites or new  reads?

I’d take one for every two days, so for a week, three and a half. If I get through those, which I won’t because I’m slow, I’m onto borrowing other people’s, though I should probably just enjoy the holiday instead. I only ever read new stuff on holiday. In fact, I only ever read new stuff most of the time. If a book is a favourite, I’ve normally given it to someone else to force them to agree with me.

What shampoo do you use?

Radox, 2-in-1. The lazy man’s shampoo and body gel.

Are you doing anything nice at the weekend?

I’m seeing my oldest friend to jointly shake our fists at the passage of time.

What book are you reading at the moment?

I’m about to start Don Delillo’s ‘Zero K’, and am very much looking forward to it, though it sounds like a breakfast cereal.

If anyone alive or dead could tweet about your book, who would you like it to be?

JK Rowling is, as far as I can tell, wrong about nothing. So, JK Rowling, or Richard Pryor.

What’s the worse hair disaster you’ve had?

When I was 13 I asked my sister, who was 18, what would be a good, fashionable hairstyle for me to have. She told me to go to the hairdressers and ask for an “exploding mushroom”. So I did. And all the hairdresser’s laughed, once they’d gotten over the initial confusion. She’d made it up. It was a moment of inspired cruelty on her part, I feel.

Mobile library is published by Picador.

David Whitehouse is in the chair.

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