Me, heartbreak, and After You.


As I wrote on Twitter I rarely cry in real life but books and films seem to tug at my heart. I’m sure some psychotherapists would have something to say about that….

I’ve had my heart broken many times, in fact I’ll rephrase that, I’ve had it smashed to smithereens.

So much so, that it feels like it’s held together with a bit of thread, Blu-Tack, and maybe some double sided sticky tape. Yet I’m still an utter romantic and believe in love. And big, like ‘in the movies love’ (I know, I know.)

I wasn’t nervous about reading After You, after all, Me Before You was an amazing book and Jojo Moyes is a fantastic writer. I personally don’t understand the whole ‘Oh, what if they do something to the character that I don’t like?’ Surely we need to place our trust in the author knowing that they wouldn’t potentially write a book if they didn’t want to, despite pressure from readers ;D

I saw the BBC News interview with Jojo Moyes where she said that so many of her fans had asked for a sequel. If there was no story for Lou then there wouldn’t have been After You.

But I, for one, am so glad there was!

After You is so wonderful. I’m feeling slightly bereft this morning that I finished it. I’m gazing at my TBR wondering what can possibly be next…

If you loved Me Before You, then you will adore After You.

If you are grieving, or have grieved, or have ever had your heart broken, then I urge you to read this book.

What I personally love so much is the absolute authenticity of modern relationships that Jojo Moyes captures.

That scariness of venturing into something new.

The ‘Moving On’ group with their dilemmas of when is ok to let go or start again.

Those same dilemmas that Lou faces that anyone who has had their heart broken will understand.

Jojo Moyes conveys this so well, with words like this……


And this……


And this…….


My faith in love ‘like in the movies’ may have been restored.

So go people, off to your bookshops to buy and read this absolute gem!

And I, am off to join Tinder, to see if I can find me a Sam.

Me, heartbreak, and After You.

12 thoughts on “Me, heartbreak, and After You.

  1. Carole Shaw. says:

    Hello Nina . Love what your writing . Please don’t give up darling life’s to short as we both know ! I am so proud of you and so so blessed that you are my beautiful daughter. Lots and lots of love xxxxx


  2. R.F.Hunt says:

    I had a really difficult relationship with Me before You – mainly because of the secondary role given to Will, the message that it sent out to people with disabilities, and the fact this has been compounded by using able bodied actors play-acting as disabled. However, I did find it very readable, but my problems with MBY mean I’m reluctant to try this one.


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